• Q: What is Club Red

    A: Club Red is a loyalty program offered to our Postpaid customers that are on the 500 minute plan or higher. Club Red member can enjoy discounts and special offers with our participating business partners and DOCOMO PACIFIC

  • Q: How can I become a Club Red member?

    A: Customer must be on a 500 min rate plan or higher with DOCOMO PACIFIC and must complete/sign a registration form. A Club Red card will be mailed to you within 5 business days.

  • Q: How can Club Red members avail of the benefits?

    A: Once the members receive their Club Red cards, they can present their card with a photo ID to participating business partners listed on their Welcome packet or on DOCOMO PACIFIC website, www.docomopacific.com under Club Red.

  • Q: Are the benefits/privileges transferable?

    A: No, a photo ID will be required upon presentation of Club Red Card at participating businesses.

  • Q: What if I switch my service to prepaid?

    A: Your Club Red membership will be cancelled and the Club Red card must be returned to DOCOMO PACIFIC.

  • Q: Can Club Red members avail of the benefits/privileges even if the membership card has expired?

    A: No. Once the Club Red expires, the card is no longer valid. If existing Club Red member is on the minimum rate plan or higher, a new card with a new expiration will be automatically mailed to member prior to expiration of current card.

  • Q: Until when can Club Red members avail of these exclusive benefits/privileges?

    A: Each participating business partner has a validity date indicated under their offer. Most of the exclusive benefits are valid until December 31st

  • Q: Can I use my Club Red card on Saipan?

    A: Yes, present your Club Red card at any participating Club Red partner on Saipan to avail of the benefits. You may view the complete list by logging onto clubred.docomopacific.com/saipan